Thurber Safety & Rescue Services provides:

  • Standby rescue personnel for your confined space and high angle jobs
  • Specialized insurance coverage 
  • Construction Safety Officer
  • Current and up-to-date with regulations/legislation
  • Flexibility to tailor teams and programs with additional services to meet clients’ needs.
  • Experienced and professional technicians. 

                                       About Us

Safety and technical rescue, offering manpower and equipment for hire. We offer daily  or long term coverage for your site or job. Our contract employees are experienced and professional.  


  • We offer a wide range of services.
  • Site compliant rescue vehicles.
  • All associated equipment for required task and scope of work.
  • CSO to  help with implementing and managing safety programs.
  • Rescue and Safety personnel.
  • Man watch services.
  • Contract employees for hire.
  • Rental contracts for equipment.
  • Contact us by phone or email .

                                             Qualifications in over 20 years of experience in emergency response.

  • Our rescue teams work together regularly and train as a group to make sure we keep sharp.
  • Our team leads have their ICS and Fire Officer training.
  • Certified NFPA 1006 rescue technicians.
  • USing contract NCSO to help manage your safety program and to help blend our team to yours.
  • We can be your on site team using tech level knowledge in rope rescue and confined space, tailor your workers toassist on site.
  • We train our attendants with NFPA standards and give them the proper gear to do the job right all the time.
  • We write rescue plans and procedures for your job to make it all go smoothly.
  • We answer some of the hard questions on how to rescue your workers when conventional rescue steps may not be apparent.  
  • Experienced in residential, commercial, and industrial construction.
  • Professional and courteous. Call to discuss rates and availability.